Dangar Falls Dorrigo

After the Dorrigo National Park Rainforest Centre, the must see place in Dorrigo is Dangar Falls.  They are not to be confused with Dangars Falls near Armidale, although many people do.  If someone tells you that Dangar Falls is dry, you know they are talking about the wrong ones.  Dangar Falls is never dry.  The World of Waterfalls blog from some US visitors shows some of the more technical aspects of the falls, and also how little known they must be.  That’s a great pity because they are wonderful!


At the top, adjacent to the carpark and the picnic area and children’s playground, you get the view of the falls that everyone is familiar with.  But when you take the short walk to the bottom, there are much more interesting vistas to find.  You can always find photographers down here taking long exposure or other special shots of these beautiful and lesser know waterfalls.

Dangar-falls-Dorrigo-from-top Photographers-at-Dangar-Falls-Dorrigo


On your way back to Mount Christopherson you will pass the Dorrigo Steam Railway and Museum – an amazing collection of locomotives, carriages and all sorts of other railway memorabilia from government and private railways in NSW dating back to 1855.  You can’t visit the museum as yet, but it makes for great photo opportunities.