Dorrigo near the sea

I used to live in Sydney which, by anybody’s standards, is a seaside city. Of the several suburbs I lived in during the 60 years I spent there, most were well over an hour to the beach. And no matter where you came from, unless it was in walking distance, you would have to find a parking spot.

Now that I live in Dorrigo, on the plateau well above the Coffs Coast, I am just an hour from the beach. Not only one beach, but several which are totally magnificent and almost deserted. Would you have thought that Dorrigo is near the sea? The beaches are great for walking and sunbaking, but like all our long open beaches, rather dangerous for swimming. At Mylestom there is the North Beach Surf Club which was set up in 1925 after someone drowned at the beach. But it’s only manned on Sundays and on summer holidays.


If you want to make a day of it, with the kids, there’s a lovely little playground at Mylestom, right next to the swimming pool and a lot of shady trees. There’s a cafe across the road which has an interesting selection of pies, and the most delicious crunchy hot battered fish and potato scallops that I’ve eaten in a long time. Awfully unhealthy no doubt, but so delish! It’s open every day.


The next little finger of road goes to Repton beach, and here is somewhere you can take your dogs if you walk to the right. Walk to the left, and you are in the national park – no dogs allowed.