Our Environment

Mount Christopherson is 1007 metres above sea level, in a temperate rainforest environment. This means that even in summer it can be misty and cool, so always bring a jacket and have an umbrella handy. Our rain mostly occurs in summer (on average although last summer we had very little rain) and we only have a few days over 30C degrees (although that may change). So you can come to Dorrigo to escape the humidity and heat on the coast and in Bellingen.

Because we are so high and face East, the sun hits the mountain early in winter, and warms up our normally dry days very quickly. Winter is the very best time to enjoy all the national parks surrounding Dorrigo, and Mount Christopherson is the very best place to stay. The sunrises are more spectacular, the stars shine brightly in the crisp night sky, and the days are warm and dry – perfect for bushwalking.

While we love our isolation and our peace and quiet, disturbed only by the noises of wildlife, we realise that this can sometimes be a challenge to people coming from the city. The area surrounding our accommodation is quite benign, and you can feel quite comfortable and relaxed. Those thumps on the roof will be a possum; the thumps outside in the bushes will be a swamp wallaby; the ferocious growls you can hear will not be some dangerous animal, but a koala. You may also hear a python or a lizard slithering across the roof, or see a python curled up in the sun. Occasionally you will hear dingo howls, but they are extremely timid and would not come near people.