Shopping for essentials in Dorrigo

We have two supermarkets in town – Spar is on Hickory Street, and IGA is on Cudgery Street.  You will find a bigger variety of food and more organic and speciality foods at Spar, but both carry a good range of packaged and fresh foods.

Dorrigo Wholefoods has bulk whole-foods, as well as organic and speciality foods.

Dorrigo-IGA Dorrigo-Spar Dorrigo-Wholefoods

If you’re looking for fruit and vegetables, apart from the supermarkets you might find them at Pam’s or at Dorrigo Wholefoods.

For delicatessen items you can try the supermarkets, Dorrigo Wholefoods, Lick the Spoon (Red Dirt Distillery), Pam’s or even Juan’s Cafe del Fuego.

Fresh meat can be found at the supermarkets and Ward’s Butchery (where you will find delicious sausages), while Dorrigo Wholefoods keeps a range of frozen free range/organic meats.

Frozen fish can be found at Pam’s and Ward’s butchery, while trout is available at Lick the Spoon, Dorrigo Wholefoods and Juan’s Cafe del Fuego.

For fresh fish, a van comes on Wednesdays from 12.30 to 5.30 and parks outside Bailey’s Produce store.

You will find bread (including speciality sourdoughs) and baked goods at the supermarkets.  At Dorrigo Woodfired Bakery, you will find all the basic breads, rolls and cakes.  Dorrigo Wholefoods sells specialty breads including sourdough.

Dorrigo-Woodfired-Bakery Dorrigo-Wards-Butchery Dorrigo-Pams-Fruit-and-Veg

The other specialty stores in town are the Dorrigo Plateau Pharmacy, Dorrigo Post Office, Dorrigo Hardware, Dorrigo Cellars and Dorrigo Sweet Shop

Dorrigo-Plateau-Pharmacy Dorrigo-Cellars Dorrigo-Post-Office

Dorrigo-Sweet-Shop Dorrigo-Hardware

Here is a town map from Cartoscope.  The main shopping areas are Hickory Street between Pine and Cedar, and Cudgery Street between Myrtle and Bielsdown.